Prenatal Care For Substance Abusing Mothers

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Health ailments continue to induce problems in the society from several corners. People of various ages appear vulnerable to health ailments that have complex underlying etiologies. However, certain ailments interfere in life due to the habits or increased dependence. For instance, people who use medications for curing diseases also tend to misuse them for no good reasons. Such trend is contributing to myriad of problems such as decline in mental functions, social maladjustments or crime and other consequences on the whole body. The problem would appear more severe if the affected individuals are mothers in their pre-natal conditions. There is a need to identify a proper prevention framework at the community level for such problematic groups and provide a capital investment for that sector or allocate appropriate funding. Briefly, substance abuse among women population is a severe issue for parenting (Niccols et al., 2012). It places certain human and economic burden on the society. As per the estimates, nearly 50-80% of child welfare cases are associated with a parent who abuses drugs or alcohol. Among substance abusing parents, mothers represent a majority. In countries like United States, nearly 70% of women who receive substance use therapies have children. Substance abuse rates in women continue to increase steadily. In addition, substance abuse is linked with a specific group of risk factors and needs such as high susceptibility to serious physiological consequences, increased prevalence of mental health abnormalities, poor nutrition, severe medical problems, history of physical or sexual abuse, family conflicts and social support impediment (Niccols et al., 2012). Emphasis on specific risk factors and needs of women wh... ... middle of paper ... Taplin,S.& Mattick,R.(2011).Retrieved from The healthcare leadership model. (2014). Retrieved from Wong, E.C., Chung, B., Stover, G., Stockdale, S., Jones, F., Litt, P., Klap, R.S., Patel, K. & Wells, K.B. (2011). Addressing unmet mental health and substance abuse needs: a partnered planning effort between grassroots community agencies, faith-based organizations, service providers, and academic institutions. Ethn Dis,1(3 Suppl 1), S1-107 Niccols, A., Milligan, K., Sword, W., Thabane, L., Henderson, J. & Smith, A. (2012).Integrated Programs for mothers with substance abuse issues: A systematic review of studies reporting on parenting outcomes. Harm Reduct J, 9,14.

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