Premium Blend Reflection

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On the first Friday of November I had the privileged to watch the dance show Premium Blend. Throughout the show there was six dances, and one intermission in between them. Three dances I paid attention to, and they were called “Cloud 9,” “Forever Fred,” and “English Suite.” The production was well done throughout the entire show from top to bottom. But the production specially for “Cloud 9,” “Forever Fred,” and “English Suite” was done very professionally. It amazes how well the dancers perform, and I can’t believe there are still only students ate the UofA. That’s not all, the pre-show was well done with a speech the great dancer Edward Vanilla. The production overall was well organized, and they were very prepared. Throughout this paper I…show more content…
In the routine of “Cloud 9,” the music was by Peter Lieuwen, and I enjoyed it. The music was classical, it had a heavy use of piano and flutes. The music had a very positive sound, and it made you focus on the routine. In “Forever Fred,” the music was a different. It was composed by “Amadeus Mozart, and the music adaption and performance was performed by the Klass brothers and Cuban Percussion.” The music was unique, it had a piano playing and bongo drums in the background to mix in. The music made me think about tango, with the sharp movements and points in the music throughout the routine. In the last routine “English Suite,” was like “Cloud 9.” The music was by C. Hubert Parry, and throughout the routine there was lot of piano/violin playing. The tempo changed a little bit from fast to slow, and to fast again. During the middle of the performance the music was slow, it was very depressing and sounded like a clock ticking. The music made me feel very positive at the end though, and it was good music to end the show. The music during the show was unique, and I appreciated how much effort the dancers put to be one with the