Premarital Sex: The Consequences Of Primarital Sex

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Primarital Sex

Primarital sex is the involvement in sexual intercourse by persons who have not engaged in martial vow or culturally recognized as having been enrololed in marriage institution. Although marriage rites take different forms depending on cultural permissiveness, nevertheless the major thrust is the acceptance by the society. In most cases, premarital sex is not always a problem to individuals who are sexually matured since they may view it as a natural response to a natural stimulus. However, premarital sex is morally unacceptable in almost every human society that regards marriage as the legitimate requirement for sexual permissiveness, and especially among youths who are considered vulnerable to health – related problems. In christianity, the Holy Bible states that: “... the marriage bed should be kept pure, for God will judge... all the sexually immoral” (Heb.13:4). In this context, keeping the marriage bed holy suggests abstinence from sex before marriage while sexually immoral refers to any unacceptable sexual acts particularly premarital sex. Thus, it is also
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A category of such behaviour is autoeroticism in which an adolescent attempts to gratify his/her sexual urge by carrying out the activities by self and on self. Among such acts are sexual fantasy (a mental exercise involving imagining, mapping, desiring and navigating, in abstract , into sexual pleasure). Masturbation (the manual stimulation of one’s own genital for sexual pleasure), and erotic dreams (an unconscious state especially during sleep when one experiences sensual feeling). Other sexual behaviours that could dispose adolescent to premarital sex include pornographic viewing, kissing and touching (frotteurism).There is no doubt the fact that premarital sex has dire effect on youths. Barker and Rich (1992) identified teanage pregnancy as a major consequence of premarital

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