Premarital Sex Essay

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Premarital sex is something that happens in all cultures (Lauer, 2012). No matter how people view it or whether they agree with it or not, it is something that is not simply going to disappear. Sexuality as a whole is a sensitive topic to discuss, and being intimate in that way before marriage is even more difficult to talk about. This is a subject many high school and middle school students ponder over, and exploring their sexuality at such a young age requires guidance and advice. There are many factors at play with premarital sex, and there are also many implications that come along with it, including those that are physical, social, and psychological. People’s opinions of premarital sex have altered through the years. A century ago, a…show more content…
If a teen girl is having sex without proper knowledge and protection, there is a high possibility she will get pregnant (“Premarital Sexuality”). Teen births were at an all-time high in the 1990s, lowering and then rising again in 2006 (Lauer, 2012). 88% of these births were undesired. Besides pregnancies, both unwed females and males risk getting diseases, as they are often not mindful of their partner’s previous sex life (“Premarital Sexuality”). Major diseases include the following: AIDS, genital herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia (Lauer, 2012). These illnesses can be avoided, and yet people still choose to have the unsafe sex that leads to…show more content…
As stated before, reputations can be ruined if someone is considered promiscuous. In this society, rumors and gossip can either elevate someone’s status or sink it. Teens can be rejected and considered unworthy (“The Effects”). Their relationships can be severed, resulting in a loss of friends or families. Perhaps one of the most damaging consequences of premarital sexual activity occurs psychologically. Someone can easily have sex and not be emotionally or mentally prepared for it. Having sex without being married can cause people to feel a sense of guilt or shame, especially religious people (“The Effects”). Deep in their minds, they still consider it a sin, so they feel conflicted on what is deemed right and wrong. Also, if adolescents are already feeling insecure about themselves and their bodies, then having sex can make them more vulnerable. People can even become

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