Prejudice in the Aryan and Yuan Dynasties

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Themes in history are known to repeat itself even under different circumstances and often leading to varying outcomes. A theme that is present across centuries of history is prejudice. Being prejudiced would be harboring unreasonable opinions, usually hostile, regarding a any racial, religious, gender group. The influence of prejudice could be found during the Yuan dynasty of China in 1500 BCE to 900 BCE and the Aryan Empire which ruled from 1271 to 1368. The Yuan Dynasty was ruled by the Mongol Empire and the areas of India were ruled by the Aryan empire.. Neither existed at the same time but allowed prejudice to manifest in their history affecting every aspect of the society. Although prejudice played a key role in both societies by affecting their economies negatively and influencing religion since both societies limited the power of religious practice, the social hierarchy of Aryans allowed interdependency unlike the Mongols. However, racism is credited to participating in the foundations of each society and how it advanced during its time period.
Prejudice during the Aryan rule and Yuan Dynasty affected the development of economics negatively. Although not much is known about the Aryans, they were prejudiced against the civilization that came before them, the Dravidians, because the Aryans thought they were superior. For example, in the Aryan society, it was the Dravidians that served most of the labors since they made up most of the lower classes including the Untouchables.. They lived in the poorest conditions and worked on the public works under servitude and no payment. Also during the Yuan dynasty, prejudice played a role in economy since occupation determined their duties. Artisans and Merchants were valued highly sinc...

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