Predisposed To Prejudice And Discrimination Essay

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Predisposed to Prejudice and Determining Discrimination In order to understand where prejudice and discrimination come from, we must first understand what these words mean and how they relate to one another. Prejudice is the unjustified negative attitude toward an individual based on the individual’s membership within a certain group (King 429). Discrimination is the unjust negative or hurtful action toward a member of a certain group because that person belongs to that group (King 432). Prejudice exists in everyone but choosing on whether to act or not on that prejudice determines if we are discriminating against from that prejudicial thought. Prejudice and Discrimination are related but they are different, throughout the essay, I would like…show more content…
Discrimination and Prejudice are a joint set; one cannot be discriminative unless they first are prejudice. Having stereotypes and prejudice may lead to excluding, avoiding, having biased attitudes to group members, this is discrimination (Learning, Lumen. “Prejudice and Discrimination”). An example of discrimination is all throughout American history, especially towards the African American population. Discrimination has been shown by the acts of the Ku Klux Klan, who threatened blacks and killed many of them just because of the color of their skin. Discrimination is demonstrated by the Ku Klux Klan because they hurt and killed African Americans because of their skin…show more content…
According to Carol S. Dweck who is a researcher at Stanford University has found a way to make people aware that they have the ability to change their minds on the way they think about a particular group of people (DeAngelis, Torii. “A New Way to Combat Prejudice.” Monitor on Psychology, American Psychological Association ) She did this by examining whether people believed prejudice was a certain way or if the trait could be changed. Their results found that those who believed their mindset could not be altered had a higher probability of acting in prejudice ways, such as putting their chairs further away from an African American student. They also had the participants read an article either endorsing the idea that prejudice is a certain trait that cannot be changed or that it can be changed. This showed that those who had read the article that prejudices are malleable acted friendly with an African American participant, even if they were initially found to be highly prejudiced. Those who read that the mindset could not be changed did not as friendly to the African American student (DeAngelis, Torii. “A New Way to Combat Prejudice.” Monitor on Psychology, American Psychological Association) Therefore, the most influential way to overcome prejudice thoughts and discrimination is to be aware of what may cause them and have an open

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