Predestination And Free Will Essay

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Humanity has always wonder how much God is involved with their lives. Some of them may think that God has given them the key to their life, then others believe that he is involved with everything that occurs in their modern day lives. And thinking that you have the key to life can be dangerous thinking. But also thinking that absolutely everything is chosen for you can be dangerous too. It’s just going to take time to know which one is the less dangerous thinking for humanity. Now there’s a lot of reasoning behind both of these beliefs and the research has given excellent information for both predestination and free will, with a touch of mixed views in there as well. It all started with people wondering is God letting humanity have the free will of choosing their own paths, or not letting us have a choice at all and predestination is our whole life.
Predestination is one of those subjects that is to be believed that God has already chosen certain people. People tend to believe this because in the bible Jesus used the Greek word “eklektos” to refer back to those who God chose to come to His kingdom when the end times come. So when you are being predestined for heaven, doesn’t that mean that your whole life is predestined. That is the way people are thinking. Predestination is just the thought that God lays out a person’s life out and just says this is how it will be. God already knows all the things that are going to happen in your life. So if humanity is predestined then they can’t make choices for themselves. Being predestined is putting meaning to all the little things that happen to a person’s life, that could be a good thing or a bad thing.
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...ination and free will can both get the job done for God and his wishes for the earth.
Humans always wonder has God already predestined our lives, or do we have the free will to decide how we want to live our lives. Free will always be strongly supported in Christianity but so will predestination. It’s not just those two subjects, there is also a group of people in the Christian faith that believe in both of them. There is logic behind all of the view points and there is a lot of information that goes with them too. There will always be that fight inside humans that will make us wonder which one is the truth. But then there will be some that will stick to their guns and hold their position on this ongoing feud. Predestination and free will always be debated in Christian theology but we will never know the true intent of our creator until we are face to face with Him.
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