Preaching Is The Word Of God

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What is preaching? Even though Christianity has many definitions of preaching, in order to be effective, one must come to a common place on what true preaching really is. “Preaching is divine activity wherein the word of God is proclaimed or announced on contemporary issues for and ultimate response to our God.” Simply, preaching is the word of God being delivered through the language of everyday life experiences of congregation members. Many misconceptions are made that preaching is simply the unfolding of scripture. Personally, this misunderstanding could be explained as an exegetical scriptural reading. The task of preaching is more than a simple reading of scripture and explaining the message of the scripture. It must be transformed into the word of life for Preaching must include contemporary issues that plague the lives of those who hear.
One must first understand that it is Divine Activity. Preaching is God’s holy inspired word, delivered through the preacher himself, filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. One asks, how can it be said that a word is God’s lest it be spoken by God himself. It is important that proclaimers understand that it is God who is in action and not ourselves. Many times, so call preachers approach the sacred desk and begin to proclaim words of themselves that are not inspired by God. Preaching that is done for oneself is flat and meaningless. It is only with God that any divine activity is possible. We may study, pray, prepare and preach, but it is God who acts on our behalf that makes preaching effective.
In the preaching moment, one must stand and proclaim the word of God. The task of proclamation is “God alone, rather than humans and the human voice, is the prime factor, because God alone...

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...eacher, but is done through the word of God. So often preachers continually try to gain response to sermons on their own accord. It is no words that a human may put together that is worthy of response from God’s people. It is the work of God through the Holy Spirit that work on the behalf of the preacher to move within the heart of the listener to invoke a response to the word of God.
In conclusion, “Preaching is divine activity wherein the word of God is proclaimed or announced on contemporary issues for and ultimate response to our God.” It is the seriousness of preaching that goes forth among God’s people, to invoke a call for a response to the good news of God. Understanding the meaning and task of preaching frees one to be used as a vessel that God uses to impart change into the lives of his people. It is God that does the work, it is not the works of my own.

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