Pre Marital Intercourse And High School Levels

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Pre-marital intercourse is larger in the grade school and high school levels compared to the college level. Pre-marital intercourse in the grade school group is 85%, and 75% for the high school group, whereas the college is 42%. The grade school group is involved with pre-marital coitus between the ages 16 and 20 seven times more than the college group. According to table 146 “The college group derives 4 to 21 percent of its pre-marital outlet from intercourse; the high school group derives 26 to 54 percent of its outlet from that source; but the grade school group depends on coitus for 40 to 70 percent of its total pre-marital outlet.”(p.349). When analyzed by occupational classes, males in group 3 which consists of semi-skilled workmen more frequently engaged in pre-marital intercourse, between the ages of adolescence and 15 there is 15 times as much intercourse than classes 6 and 7 who eventually go to college. During the twenties occupational class 3 is having 4 times as much pre-marital intercourse as the other classes. Occupational class 2 has a high frequency of pre-marital intercourse at all ages but class 3 is still rated the highest. The lower class has a low rate due to doltishness. By the age of 25, unmarried males who engage in intercourse with prostitutes consists of 74% in the grade school group, 54% of the high school group and about 28% of the college group. Throughout a five-year period lower level males engage in sexual acts with prostitutes at a young age, three to four times as many of them are engaging in coitus with these prostitutes. Men of all educational levels engage in sexual intercourse with prostitutes and between the ages 16 and 40 the grade school group’s percentage of intercourse with a prostitu... ... middle of paper ... ... incidences. Males in rural areas were mainly the ones who engaged in intercourse with an animal other than a human. City boys who visited farms or were on vacation also had occasional sexual contact with animals. Male sexual intercourse with animals in the American population was so low that they couldn’t be calculated accurately. Farm boys who didn’t go beyond grade school that had sexual relations with animals was 14%, the high school group which did not go beyond high school was 20%, and 26% of males who would eventually go to college. The college group of males who were involved in animal intercourse was twice as many as the males who didn’t go beyond grade school. Males of lower educational groups contained the highest frequencies in sexual contact with animals, averaging to about once in two weeks and the college group of males was roughly once in three weeks.
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