Praying In The Spirit Analysis

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In the book, Unleashing the Power of Praying in the Spirit, Oral Roberts teaches the reader what praying in the Spirit means and explains why it is important to Christians. He goes further with his demonstration by depicting real life situations that he personally was delivered from. As the reader obtains this information from the source, they achieve a greater and deeper understanding of what praying in the Spirit is, how one attains this gift of the Spirit, and why it is necessary to live a true Christian life. Praying in the Spirit is interpreted and thought to be many different things, but in truth, there is only one true meaning. God intended the church and His followers to pray in the Spirit in order to edify both their Spirits and themselves. Praying in the Spirit is also known as praying in tongues according to 1 Corinthians 14:14. Anyone who says or…show more content…
In fact, even Oral Roberts agreed with this and thought that speaking in tongues was absolutely necessary for a thrilling Christian life. On top of learning to pray in the Spirit, one should learn to interpret and understand this gift (1 Corinthians 14:13-17). Oral Roberts said, “Speaking with tongues with the interpretation is the Christian’s entry into the realm of the miraculous.” It opens a believer up to the supernatural and extraordinary bringing them to another level, a level of increase that they would not see otherwise. Praying in the Spirit is not something that is mandatory in order to enter Heaven, but it does affect the level one operates at. For example, if one man speaks in tongues and interprets it, and another does not but still believes in the Bible and acts on it. In this situation both men would go to Heaven, but it would be no surprise that the one who prays in the Spirit operates at a higher level than the one who does not. Therefore praying in the Spirit is important to living a true and complete Christian
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