Prayer in School

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Prayer in public schools In Phoenix, AZ students have been praying in school for decades, until this year in 2014. The school system has taken away the right to pray in school. Students had taken a vote for their rights to vote, but that was revoked by the school’s officials. The superintendent has been in the district for two years now. He made this change. It can cause the school system to be sued. The seniors of Pima High School near Safford, Arizona, have a graduating class of about 40 students, but the school is in a big controversy. When the graduating class gathers to graduate, they will have the normal graduation excluding the prayer on May 21st. It’s the law in the United States that an organized prayer in public schools is unnecessary. Students are allowed to pray voluntary as long as it doesn’t interfere with the schools educational mission. Students are also allowed to pray at school event if it is student led. Recently, the controversy over whether the government should not allow prayer in public schools has been made of a concern to the public. Everyone is creating different opinions in the matter of politics mixing religion, better known as “separation of state and religion”. One group of people believes the religion has no place in the mist of the government’s circle. Another group thinks there should be religion in schools. If religion and moral teachings plays a part in public schools, it will create less violence with families and schoolmates. Ninety percent of American’s youngsters attend public schools. These students come from homes that enforce and practice a difference of religious beliefs, given the opportunity of diversity of American society. It important that our public schools respect the beliefs of... ... middle of paper ... ...e it will cost him/her that group’s vote. Therefore, a politician ploy than religious. Very seldom have we seemed religious group at odds about what prayer to pray in school. Religion is so ingrained in America’s culture that it is print on America’s money, “In God We Trust.” No one has said they will not use the money because it has God on it; rather they try to get all of it they can. America has allowed a minority of the population to dictate to the majority of the population what is acceptable or not acceptable. Therefore the silent majority has allowed the vocal minority to speak for them. It is time for the majority of America to speak for themselves. If prayer in school s and other places is acceptable, stand for it and let your voice and vote be known. Works Cited

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