Prayer in Public Schools

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Roughly 87% of Americans are religious. This means that denying prayer in public schools would be denying a majority of students the right to religious freedoms. According to congress, students can pray freely during non-instructional time during school. It would be a violation of the First Amendment to forbid prayer in public schools. That is why prayer in public schools should be allowed.
Currently prayer is allowed in public schools if done silently and to one’s self. “A student can come early to class, sit quietly, and pray silently” (Robinson). Students are also allowed to organize religious/prayer groups at school, clothing representing a specific religion is allowed in school, as well as have discussions about religious aspects in a classroom environment. This shows that as of right now, students are able to pray in school, and there are no problems occurring from it. They can pray on their own during lunch, before or after school and during the moment of silence following the pledge of allegiance. The reason that it is impractical for state-written prayers to be recited by students is because there are so many diverse religions that it would be unfair to say a Christian prayer when there is someone of Jewish faith in the class. A state-mandated prayer can also be seen as offensive to those of different religions, and a violation of freedom of religion. “They find a state-sponsored Christian prayer to be deeply offensive and an attack on their freedom of religion” (Robinson). That is why students who are of different religions would not participate in the prayer, and would then have to be excused due to their different beliefs. Which is why, due to the amount of religions, having numerous prayers would be more practical, ...

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