Prayer, Spirituality, and Cancer

"The minute you think that you have no hope, you are down for the count. So you've got to always think there's hope," said Andy Delbridge who was interviewed by Don Teague of the Today Show. Andy relied on his spirituality when he was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. Spirituality is a very debatable subject everyone has a different opinion of what it is, but when faced with a terminal illness your best bet will be prayer and putting your faith in a higher power.
Webster’s dictionary defines prayer as, “An address to God or a god in word or thought.” If you were to read Yahoo Answers or some other answers website you will get different definitions from anyone willing to answer. If you ask the first twenty people you see today what their definition of prayer is you will get a different response from everyone. My personal definition is asking a higher power for help when you are at the end of your rope. Prayer can be written, spoke, thought, whispered, sang, chanted, or any other method. You can pray alone or with others. You can pray at home or at church. You can pray with your eyes open or your eyes closed. You can pray for anything that you feel the need to pray for. However you do it is up to you.
There are many benefits to praying when someone is faced with a terminal illness. The U.S. Office of Technology Assessment reported that a survey of articles published in the Journal of Family Practice over ten years found that 83% of studies on religiosity found a benefit in physical health (Spirituality). Prayer and spirituality is a wonderful coping mechanism and can help patients face their illness. When a patient is left with no hope and a dismal outlook, praying can give them hope and help them cope with their illness...

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