Pranking Puck in Midsummer Night´s Dream by William Shakespeare

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Through times of tragedy, death, and overall hardships in peoples’ lives, there is always a little ray of hope in a gloomy world, whether it be comedy, music, or any other coping device. Some result to music, videogames, food, or even physical harm. Being whatever it is, favoritism of a subject helps define one’s own character, as well as being a relation to the character itself. This is as true with reality as well as on paper. In plays, the goal is for the audience feel the emotion of what is going on on the stage. When you watch a tragedy, the cast attempts to transport you to a place of actuality of the events; if someone died, they want to make you feel the pain of losing a loved one. However, if it is a comedy, you want to laugh at the jokes, feel awe at amazing sights, and giggle at the troublemaker. The troublemaker in one poem happens to be my favorite character. In the play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by William Shakespeare, the character, Puck, is my favorite because he is a prankster, resembles the characteristics of youth, and his comic-relief part. To begin, Puck the f...
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