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The world of professional sports is one full of controversy yet it is held to great praise. Sports become holiday traditions, a land of dreams, a bible of inspiration, and even a way of life. The praise for sports is highlighted in those main areas, but the controversy begins with professional athletes and their salaries. There seems to always be some sort of headline that involves an athlete receiving a new contract worth a mammoth amount of money. When the public hears about such a contract many can’t help but express their discontent for what they believe to be a ludicrous amount of money rewarded to an athlete for “simply playing a game”. It is important to keep in mind the athlete’s performance, sales impact, team worth, and many other…show more content…
Every time that an athlete puts on pads and runs at full speed to collide with another person or when a 100 mph fastball is riffled in the direction of a player or even when two individuals put on gloves to bruise each other, they are running the risk of injury and/or death. Injuries tend to be like the common cold for sports and if serious could even end up causing an athlete to call it quits for their career. An athlete is not only competing against their opponent but they must also fight against their body to continue to play. Being a professional athlete requires that the player’s body be in the best possible condition which means having to constantly workout. “Most athletic disciplines to some extent combine endurance and strength modes of physical conditioning, and training-related physiological alterations” (Maron 1633). After many years of the same practice it all begins to wear down the human body and the aging factor then becomes a concern. The window of opportunity for athletes are not the same as say a cashier, manager, accountant, and many other professionals who can work with old age for a longer time and not see any immediate or immense…show more content…
While sports fans are caught up in the blockbuster deals that involve all-stars signing enormous contracts, they fail to pay any attention to the players that don’t receive anything close to the same numbers. Take for example, Kobe Bryant, NBA player, made “$30.5 million in 2013, which was almost $20 million more than the entire NBA Development League earned combined” (“The Lowest Paid”). It is clear that not all professional athletes make astronomical figures and that salaries vary greatly between athletes. These sort of gaps in salaries exist in many sporting leagues across the world making it a mistake to classify all professional athletes as overpaid when there are a myriad of other professional athletes whose contracts aren’t even remotely close to those blockbuster

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