Practicum Reflection

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Due to this practicum course, I have been working for the Detroit tigers since May 16 2016 until August 13 2016. The Detroit tigers employed me as an Intern Certified Athletic Trainer for the minor league system; specially to perform my duties for the Gulf Coast League during the respective season, and to assist the Minor League Medical Coordinator / Rehabilitation coordinator; Corey Tremble, on his daily duties. The sports medicine staff is in charge on the injury prevention, first response, injury assessment, treatment and rehabilitation, and organization and administration duties. During the time of my internship, I have performed and assisted on every single duty requested by my supervisor Corey Tremble. On the organization and administration aspect, my participation has been challenging on professional and personal aspect due to the unfamiliarity with the processes. The main duties performed on the administrative aspect were dealing with insurance paperwork and its completion; assist on the process of understatement of beneficiaries, collection of signatures for permission of medical information release from athletes to the Detroit Tigers and any other medical institution or personnel involved on the medical site of the organization. In addition,…show more content…
The fact of dealing and working with people of different background allow me to observe different administrative methods, which leaded to a common result, at the same time, it allowed me to develop my personal and professional approach to other based on the situations and personalities. Moreover, this experience allowed me to oversee several common processes such as worker’s compensation, and insurance administration, which I will deal with them in a future just basing it on my career path as an athletic

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