Practicing Patience as I Wait to Receive my Certificate of Ministry

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They say that if you work hard you can get where you want to be in life. I learned recently that you can’t always get what you want, even if you work hard to get it. For the last several years I’ve been studying with the Bible College, to get my Certificate of Ministry. Doing this in the hopes of making a lifelong dream come true, to go into full time ministry. With more than two years of study under my belt, and year of mentoring, I was ready to apply with the State District Council to get my Certificate of Ministry. I collected letters of references from previous pastors, colleagues, including my previous employer, all of which gave me high praises on my ethics as well as my passion for the ministry. The preliminary interview with the local presbyter went very well, and he had nothing but positive things to say about me entering the ministry. The final step was the interview with the District Council. I woke up that fateful morning beaming with excitement, but feeling a little nauseous at the moment, because of the stress. I walked into the District Office headquarters. I was greeted by a very nice receptionist who told my wife and I to have a seat, and that someone would be with us shortly. A tall dark haired gentleman came to us and introduced himself as one of the members of the District Council. He let us know they were running a bit behind but that we were next in line for an interview. This just added to the tension and stress of the moment. We were finally taken to a very large meeting room. In the center was a beautiful wooden table that had to be at least twenty feet long, it reminded me of a giant surfboard. Around it were very luxurious business chairs, I would have to say twenty-two chairs total. At one end was a chair that had a back that was at least a foot higher than the others and was made of fine leather, and hand crafted woodwork. Standing in front of the chair was a man that was dressed in a nice sports coat, dress shirt and business slacks. He wore small horned rimmed glasses that seemed to give him a little old professor look, even though he was only in his fifties. There was a glint in his eye, and his teeth sparkled from the florescent lights up above our heads.

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