Practices and Techniques in Software Testing

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1. Introduction
The most essential and widely known field in the software engineering is software testing. Software testing detects all the defects and also eliminates them. It also serves as an important tool for the validation, certification and verification of the errors. The main two goals of software testing are increasing reliability and defection detection (Batra & Dr. Rishi, 2011). Researchers have been working and trying to invent new techniques to test software for years. Though there are several methods to test software, there is no certain technique to test all types of software defects. Presently, there is very limited information regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of techniques for software testing. Though new techniques are being continuously developed by researchers, it is very important to first understand the limitations of these techniques. These include, the kind of defect a certain technique can be expected to detect and cost of doing so. It also includes knowing the efficiency and effectiveness of testing when applied on a program, about the subject, the total number of defects detected in the program and type of defects. But the comparison is only not sufficient. It is also necessary to evaluate the checking which will enhance the reliability (Bertolino, 2012).
The aim of researchers working on the evaluation of software testing techniques related to the effectiveness in finding the defects in the software and also the ability to increase the software quality. This research lies within the empirical method research based on the validation and verification process along with the focus on the evaluation. It connects both the practice and research and aims to continue building of the empirical knowled...

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...ty of Western Australia.
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