Powers of Mesopotamian Female Gods

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The powers of Mesopotamian deities are seen in the various ways affecting lives of people in that era. These powers can be observed in the art, culture, traditions, religious activities, civilization and many more. Mesopotamian culture and their civilization started upon the development of the first cities on the end of the fourth millennium up to the near beginning of the years of the Roman Empire. In this era, Mesopotamian religion, which pertains to the religious practices and principles pursued by the Sumerian and Akkadian had a great influence in the different aspects of Mesopotamia, such as in their behavior, political planning and decision making and ways of living. Akkadian is also known as Assyrian or the Babylonian. They were the group of people that governed Mesopotamia for 4200 years from the era of fourth BC up to around third century. Polytheistic was the religion in Mesopotamia wherein people in this place worship more than 2100 different Gods and Goddesses, These Goddesses were adored in connection with the particular city or state they were just like for instance, Akkad, Assyria, Nineveh, Ur, Uruk, Mari and Babylon. Many deities have the same characteristics with that of the Sumerian and Babylonian Goddesses. Babylonians accepted most of the Sumerian great people when they held them in control. Deities were given another name as their nicknames. Of all those 2100 various kinds of deities, most of the major Goddesses are Anu, Ea, Enlil, Ishtar,(Astarte) Ashur, Shamash, Tammuzz, Adad/ Hadad, Sin (Nanna), Dagan, Ninurta, Niscorch, Nergal, Tiamat Bel and Marduk. What are these female deities’ prominent characteristics that affect the lives of Mesopotamian? What are the importance of their style and the connections t...

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...he people of Mesopotamia felt they helped maintain balance in the world and kept the forces of chaos and destruction with the blessings of all their female goddesses and their religions. Mesopotamian also have along with them the teaching resulting to expectations that one would honor one’s elders and treat people with respect, as what the citizens of the land were also to do and to honor the gods throughout their lives. Each female deity has special style and qualities that contribute to the development and the creation of arts, religion and culture in Mesopotamia. In addition, the influence of the Mesopotamian goddesses to the region and cities in such place made the people and civilization live a life of righteousness with specific path to follow in order to be guided and live a blissful and worthy lives which can be observed until this modern days of the world.
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