Powering the future of the United Kingdom Should We Go Nuclear?

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Nowadays it has become apparent that the current use of fossil fuels to power the nation has had a massive impact on our environment. In recent years, the governments have had to try to take some sort of action to combat the problem of global warming and the emission of greenhouse gasses. Particularly the use of taxes and encouraging local industries to reduce their emissions by the use of grants to help implement greener systems. For the future it seems in the United Kingdom, we have two main options for the production of power other than fossil fuels. We can look towards more nuclear power plants, whilst not exactly ‘green’ they produce no carbon emissions and massive amounts of power per year for the needs of the county. Though In recent history, nuclear plants have gained a bad reputation due to disasters such as Chernobyl. There have been technological advancements allowing nuclear plants to almost run themselves, requiring only a handful of workers to operate properly. The other option is the use of ‘green’ renewable solutions in the form of: Wind, solar, wave, geo-thermal and hydro-electric. These solutions whilst being very expensive to set up initially and have a larger carbon footprint during setup than nuclear plants they will, in the long run produce no carbon emissions, have a very small footprint on the landscape and eventually pay off their initial set up costs. Also with the exclusion of some wind farms, renewable systems will generally run very quietly or even silent compared to a massive nuclear plant or fossil fuel plant. So therefore this is why nuclear power is the way forward in terms of powering Britain. As now it looks like that the pros highly outweigh the cons in terms of overall carbon emissions, power o...

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... beyond our current ‘renewable’ solution. Meaning we may never need any of these systems in the future. As good as they may seem, from the numbers above you can clearly see that there is definitely a greater carbon cost to the environment if we were just to set up thousands of windmills or solar panels. Personally I think it’s just a fad at the moment, another way for the government to find excuses to tax people and make money from these ‘green’ solutions that they’re implementing. I believe that the technology isn’t quite there yet to make ‘green’ solutions viable for the future. Nuclear may have its problems, its accidents and its rough reputation but from what I can see from what authorities (such as World Nuclear) are saying is that the pros outweigh the cons, for the time being it seems. In the long run though, I believe they’re definitely worth the investment.
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