PowerPoint in Education

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PowerPoint in Education

Over the years education has been making rapid technological advances, it seems like every year there is some new tool entering the classroom. Most of us today don't remember when classrooms were using chalk and slate boards because of the new technology that we have developed. Now we have grown accustom to overheard projectors, television and computers, but what seems to be the new trend of education is Power Point. It is every where we turn, "more than 90% of computer-based presentation visuals in the country are created using PowerPoint."(Ricky Telg, Ph.D., and Tracy Irani, Ph.D.) The basic break down of power-point, has to do with visuals, it is a program that offers templates for doing a presentation in many different styles. No matter what template a person chooses they can almost be guaranteed that their presentation will be unique, because power-point allows users to manipulate the colors, styles of writing, pictures and many more fun things that it offers. PowerPoint is being used from elementary schools all the way to universities world wide, the teachers and professors are finding that most of their kids enjoy the visual learning that power-point has to offer. With all the wonderful things that power-point provides education, there are still some skeptics out there who believe that power-point is too much of a distraction and not enough of a reinforcer of the information that the students are suppose to be learning. With all new things there are pros and cons for how it works and power-point is no different, but no matter what, the number of educators using power-point in their classroom continues to rise, the only question is for how long?

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...cs help to continue to redraw in the student’s attention with each new slide. We have all had those teachers whose handwriting we couldn't make out if our lives depended on it; well PowerPoint guarantees legibility because everything is typed. Like everything else technology also has its downfalls, PowerPoint's main downfall is that it can sometimes be too distracting for the students. Presenters can become obsessed with the graphics and different transition slides and pull away from the material that their suppose to be presenting. Also because teachers have to dim the lights while their presenting, students sometimes start to fall asleep and dose off. Besides those minor downfalls PowerPoint is a very successful tool and should continue to be used throughout education, just think if we have such tools as PowerPoint now what will we have a hundred years from now?

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