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Writing is a phenomenon invented by humans to help in the communication process—it has become a social and cultural practice in most societies today. Children need writing skills to survive in a literate society. Writing evolved not to duplicate the functions of spoken language but to carry out new functions that arise as cultures advance. Writing does what speech cannot: it goes beyond the barriers of time and space. Competence in English will enable students to learn about the role of language in their own lives, and in their own and other cultures. They will then be able to communicate their thoughts and feelings, to participate in society, to make informed decisions about personal and social issues, to analyze information and viewpoints, to use their imaginations and to think about the influence of culture on the meanings made with language (Oxford University Press, 2013, p. 237). This report will evaluate the importance of writing in the classroom as well as the evolving process of teaching writing with technology in this digital age.
Writing in the Classroom
Writing is an integral part of our culture and it is generally the school’s task to teach and develop it. In our contemporary society, literacy skills are increasingly important since they enable people to interact and satisfy their needs. Even though many people do not use the written format to gain information, knowledge of writing is still a prerequisite for full participation in society. When children write, they learn to be selective with their information, their choices reflecting their way of thinking and their personality. Children will also often put thoughts into writing that they will never say out loud. In this way writing becomes an important communication ...

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... including an awareness of ethical issues and the need to develop some technical competence. Also, we need to recognize that teachers may work in an environment characterized by a “digital divide” where the teacher might have to fight for access to resources before computer-mediated technologies can be introduced into curricular programs.
Writing is an integral part of our society and learning to read and write allows people to fully participate in society. In this digital age, ways of teaching writing in the classroom are evolving and it is important to recognize that. This being said, above all else, it is essential that every student learns reading and writing, no matter the process in which they learned it. Literacy can offer so many opportunities to people and our society would be a lot more successful as a whole, if everyone in it were literate.
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