Power Outages Due to Typhoons in the Phillippines

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The Philippines sit astride the typhoon belt which means that the country experiences a number of typhoons especially during the wet season. It is inevitable that some power lines get damaged during the onslaught of the storms which causes power outages and in turn affects all electrical connections of all establishments, being an enterprise dependent on electricity this poses a major problem for the firm. Another are scheduled electrical maintenance set by the local electric power distributor (Batangas Electric Cooperative II or BATELEC II).
Like power outages, two of the main reasons of poor internet connection are strong winds and heavy rains which disrupt the signal transmitted by the internet provider. Other reasons may include faulty wiring, loose cable connections and modem errors. Another problem arises due to the sudden popularity of USB flash drives. It has become easier for computer users to transfer, copy and save their files from one gadget to another. Along with this convenience, flash drives inserted into virus infected computers could easily carry viruses and spread it to other devices once the inflicted flash drive is used.
Similar to all electronic equipments, prolonged usage and power outages gradually degrade the computer components’ durability. Computer hardware is generally considered delicate pieces of equipment, heat and moisture could also cause damage but the most common cause is human error.
The network café or cybercafé business enterprise has become extremely popular especially now. Before the Playbox Network Café was established there was already an existing network café in the vicinity, not long after Playbox Network Café was opened two other similar businesses started operations not far from the ...

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... customers tend to wait until someone finishes using a workstation, but because the facility was poorly ventilated they relocate to other establishments and thus there is less profit for the firm.

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