Power Outage Gone Wrong

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The sun woke me up on the cold December morning. It was Friday, December 13 and that’s all I knew. No clocks, no phone, nothing that was electric was working. I woke up shivering due to there was no heat in the house. I walked downstairs where I found a note on the ground by the front door. I walked into the kitchen where I found my mom and dad talking about the electricity being out. I said, "Look there was a note by the front door.” I read it out to them. The note had said, "Attention Chesterfield residents, there has been a power outage. Do not panic, the power will be back on very shortly. Students are still required to report to school today, Friday, December 13, 2013. Thank you.”
“What? This is ridiculous. There is no power and we have to go to school? How am I supposed to get ready! I can’t even straighten my hair! There is no way I’m going,” I shouted to my parents. “You have to go, deal with it,” said my dad in a serious tone. “But dad, this isn’t fair,” my sister complain. My dad told us to go get ready, we have to go no matter what. We walked up stairs and started getting ready, it was awful. I changed my clothes and braided my hair back. I packed myself a lunch and my sister and I were off to school. We were able to tell time by watches and car clocks. I looked at the clock in the car it was 9:30 A.M . When we arrived at school, everyone was complaining about being at school with no power. Administrators walked around with a megaphone and told us to get to class. I was sitting in first block where I over herd two teachers talking.
One of the teachers said, “Did you hear?”
“Hear what?”
“No one knows the cause of the power going out. There was no storm last night to cause it. It just randomly went out. The power ma...

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...can find another way to get our money. Let’s just go. I don’t want to go to prision for the rest of my life.” “Fine. Lets go out the back.” I heard a loud bang. “ You’re not going anywhere.” It was the police. We are safe. “Book ‘em.” One of the cops said. Jack, Alexis and I all walked out of the building together. I saw my parents standing by an abluance. I ran up to them and gave them a big hug. It was great feeling knowing I was now safe.
The Monday newspaper was delivered. The front page read. “ Three Teen Hostages Turn On The Power and Win the $10,000 Reward.” There was a picture of us on the front along with brian’s and Josh’s mug shots. All three of us skipped school that day to go get our award. We each got $3,000. Even though we turned on the power, got an award, and caught criminals, we told ourselves not to make a stupid decision like that ever again.

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