Power Of Pizza Essay

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The Power of Pizza: New Traditions, New Cultures, and New Feelings I remember it like it was yesterday, as I took a bite out of my first Pizza. I remember the crunch of the thick dough as the sauce hit my tongue and the hot cheese touched my lips and entered my mouth. The 3 components of the Pizza amalgamate to create a delicious meal that I can proudly call my comfort food. Before I started kindergarten, I was influenced by my parents and grandparents to eat Indian food more often, so I can still keep ties with my culture and my Indian heritage. However, as I began schooling, I was keener to try new foods, one of which was Pizza. Now, Pizza has become a part of my culture and has influenced me to explore new tastes. The once foreign American staple food has now become a part of my comfort food or food that can remind me of my childhood and my upbringing. Therefore, discovering new tastes, at a young age, has an effect on exploring different cultures, creating new traditions and invoking pleasant feelings that can last a lifetime. At a young age, I was able to define myself as not just an Indian boy, but as an Indian-American boy due to my exploration of new tastes. I remember how I used to bring Indian…show more content…
The smell of an oven baked Pizza makes my nostrils flare, and every time I take a bite into the Pizza there is a tug of war between my lips and Pizza slice for the cheese. Once I take a bite of that pizza, I can feel my taste buds jumping up and down for joy. Pizza, although it is food, has helped me find pleasure in food, integrate a different culture into my life and create new traditions in my family. Pizza has become the “go to” food for my family. If for whatever reason my mom can’t cook, if there is a non-religious occasion, or if we have guests for dinner, pizza is the first food that comes to our mind to
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