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• In simple word media means an communication. Media is medium to help for communicating from one person to another. Media is useful for person to be in touch with what is going on around them. Media express there all views in the form of different materials such as newspaper, magazine, television, radio etc and also useful for business activities in day to day life.
• Media is being as “communication channels through which news, entertainment, education, data or promotional messages are disseminated.”
• Media is very useful in day to day life because we get different news by media what had happen in bollywood, in politics, in Hollywood, in different states by media.
• Some time they use some masala for their use and for their own publicity
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• Media is also having some power to take action on wrong things going on in public and which is harmful for public. They have right to speech because media is the way of best communication.
• Media is having mass media, social media, print media, broadcast media etc. media works day and night for public for day to day information what is being happening around the world.
• Media is functioning as “entertainment, reporting the news, public problems, setting agenda, investigative function, socializing new generations, providing political forum, making profits etc are the different functions of the media.”
• Media is having also different functions which are sometimes having advantages and also disadvantages. Media plays and very important role in all the life of people as per those who sometimes wants publicity for their work which they do in day to day activities.
• Media is catches different footages what is happening which is wrong or right or having different perspective to it.
• So this is an short introduction to
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These publications are collectively known as the print media. Although print media readership has declined in the last few decades, many Americans still read a newspaper every day or a newsmagazine on a regular basis. The influence of print media is therefore significant. Regular readers of print media tend to be more likely to be politically active.
The print media is responsible for more reporting than other news sources. Many news reports on television, for example, are merely follow-up stories about news that first appeared in newspapers. The top newspapers of India will first write all news in newspaper because print media is old and many people would like to read newspaper first so it’s an old media which is being go long a time and there uses will never be over in today’s world.
It’s an old a best media because people use this media in their day to day life and even their Moring starts from print media i.e. newspaper.

Outdoor advertising is also a very popular form of advertising which makes use of several tools and techniques to attract the customers
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