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Shakespeare has used the dramatic form of a tragedy to comment on the impact of violence on society and individuals which also gives us a valuable insight into the power of love. The tragedy centres around the collapse of Romeo and Juliet’s love, filling us with a sense of dread. The messages remain relevant to audiences across time as we reflect on human nature and are drawn into the circumstances of the play through Shakespeare’s effective use of dramatic and poetic devices.

Shakespeare’s insight into violence and conflict is a significant element towards the establishment of the tragedy. In the play the evocative images of violence reigns over the power of love and justice, prominently revealed from the quote “civil blood makes civil hands unclean” for the unfortunate fate of the two ill-fated lovers. In the first scene, Tybalt who is characterized to be a figure of violence states “Peace! I hate the word as I hate hell, all Montagues and thee”. In this, the repetition of the word “hate” depicts how tragic circumstances are inevitable when there is a lack of acceptance. The simile contrasting peace and hell, reveals a negative insight into the ugliness of human nature and further consolidates the existence of violence. The unpleasant introduction to the beginning of the play and the prologue brings the audience to witness the deep seated hatred that is generated from the family’s feud. In this manner Shakespeare’s insights into violence and the ugliness of human nature is a central aspect of the play, reminding us that conflict in places such as the ukraine are destructive to humanity.

Shakespeare’s presentation of the human desire for connectedness is established through the embodiment of romantic love in the play, remindin...

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...iterates Shakespeare’s insight into the human desire for connectedness. As Montague and Capulet arrives and find their dear ones dead, finally peace emerges in the end of the tragedy shown by “a glooming peace this morning with it brings”. The star-crossed lovers’ tragic finale leading to the end of their family’s feud shows one of the most significant insights of the play into human nature (that humans don’t learn unless they make mistakes) and signifies the pointlessness of hatred.

In the play, Shakespeare uses the dramatic form of tragedy to illuminate significant insights which remain relevant to audiences of all times. The heartfelt deaths of Romeo and Juliet directly impacts to our understanding of tragedy. Through the use of dramatic devices juxtaposing violence, hatred and love, the insights into human nature are reflected and marked in our memory for life.
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