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The Power of Drafts

Taking UWP 1 has challenged me to critically think about my writing process. I’ve become more aware of my weaknesses throughout the quarter. Before UWP 1, I believed good writing consisted of well articulated sentences and nice grammar. As an English as a second language learner, I’ve always had difficulties with writing fundamentals. Whenever I had longer papers, I reread my writing many times until I it sounded well in my head. However, I had been focusing so much on how my English was being perceived, I failed to realize how weak other aspects of my writing. I’ve neglected the importance of structure and redundancy this quarter. Now with that I’ve learned in UWP 1, I learned it essential to devote time to focus on audience, organization and purpose. My excess wordiness is a result of trying to be understood but it has been weakening my …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the power of draftstaking uwp 1 has challenged them to critically think about their writing process.
  • Opines that it's difficult to apply organizational skills to their own writing. when they wrote a personal narrative for assignment #1, it was extremely difficult for them to focus on one event.
  • Explains that the frustration of not being able to condense thoughts in essay one motivated them to work on assignment number 3 ahead of time. assignment number 2 is their strongest piece of writing due to taking the time for editing.
  • Explains that they have difficulty forming a thesis and sticking with it throughout their writing process. they can rationalize why the text is important but it doesn't come across well to the reader.
  • Explains that they realized having drafts and revisiting their paper is ideally what they should be doing for all their papers. revisions have allowed them to critique their own writing and acquire skills that will benefit their writing in the future.
  • Opines that taking this course would have benefited them in their upper division classes, since they've had to write research papers before but didn't realize how much they could improve on.

I get all the thoughts in my head down but once I take a holistic look at it, most of my material is a disservice to my thesis. This was an issue with my research paper. Forming a thesis and sticking with it throughout my writing process was really difficult. I had originally tried using a hook about undercover cops at my high school but I realized later on when I revisited that it would work really well as it’s part in the body in my essay. In addition to that, I have difficulty assessing which information serves the purpose and how to organize it. In my research paper, I found a lot of information about school drop-out rates for different minority groups and someone in my group told me to cut it out. When reading over the comments from my lecturer, she commented, “How dis this relate to the thesis?” In my head, I can rationalize why the text is important but it doesn’t come across well to the reader. Without drafts and peer editing I wouldn’t have realized the information was a tangent from my initial

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