Power In Ancient Egypt

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In the beginning, there was a birth of power and sophistication the likes of which had never been on Earth before. Ancient Egypt was the center of this power. The one that controlled it could control the world. There were many Pharaohs who ruled over the empire including Amenhotep, Hatshepsut, and Tutankhamun. But the ancient Egyptians believed that they were merely conduits of a greater power. The ancient Egyptians believed that their true rulers were their gods.
They had many stories about these gods, and there were hundreds of them- some evil and some helpful, but most were somewhere in between. The first of their leaders was the god of the sun itself, named Ra. He wielded great power and was commander and leader of gods and people alike.
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Born of the sky goddess Nut and the earth god Geb, Isis was the wisest of their children. She was cleverer than any man and almost any god. She knew that Ra was growing old and weak over the millennium and that his wits were failing. She believed that her husband, Osiris, was more suited to ruling.
She wanted to force Ra into giving the throne to Osiris, but there was only one way to bend such a god to her will. She needed to know his secret name. Every creature in heaven and earth had a secret name, and to know its name was to have the utmost power over it. But Ra had kept his secret name hidden from everyone but himself, and had never uttered it aloud. Isis, however, was determined to get it.
She created the first serpent out of mud and Ra’s saliva. She named this creature the Uraeus. It struck the sun god on his daily journey across the sky, and he was poisoned. He requested Isis to cure him, for she was also a goddess of healing. She told Ra that he was dying, and the only way to save him was to use his secret name. Ra reluctantly gave it to her, and she cured him of the venom. But now she had gotten what she wanted. She used Ra’s secret name to force him out of his throne and make her husband king. After this, Ra retreated into the
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With the help of Isis, he taught the Egyptians how to plant food and exploit the resources of the Nile. He showed them how to make music and poetry, and how to live in harmony with one another. Osiris was a great king, but his reign, like that of Ra’s, would not last forever.
Osiris was one of 5 children. He married Isis, his sister, and had a son. They named him Horus after another one of their siblings. Their sister Nephthys married their brother, Set. Out of these five children of Nut and Geb, the most evil was Set. He was corrupt, hateful, malicious, vengeful, and all around nasty. He was also jealous of his older brother Osiris for taking a throne that he thought should be his. But he knew that to conquer his brother’s kingdom, he would have to bide his time. He pretended to admire Osiris and praised him endlessly. Though in secret, he was planning the king’s downfall.
Osiris went on a journey to spread the peace and plenty he had brought to Egypt to other places of the world, and Set thought it was his chance to strike. Isis proved impossible to fool, however, so Set instead used this time to devise a horrible plot. With the aid of seventy-two gods, he hoped to put this plan into
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