Power Down To Power Up

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My phone had just rang in my pant pocket, knowing my entire class had heard, I little by little let my eyes shift in the direction of my teacher–I had a text message, and now my phone was sure to be taken away. We students tried our best to act oblivious to the crime, while the teacher dared to contain his anger and hatred toward our so-called, “radio wave cancer machines.” Before I knew it I had found myself parked in the timeworn, ripped, and tattered chair, in the elementary school principles office. My Mom had been called! I was accustomed to the ritual. “At least detention is only one hour this week,” uttered the stereotypical school rebel (I’m sure we all know the type) who sat 10 feet away from me, as I dreadfully awaited my sentencing. “You two aren’t conversing in there I hope,” the secretary added, wiping her nose in that god-awful hanky she always carried around, insisting it was a, “dying fashion.” I cringe to this very day remembering her cold hands and stench of stale perfume, as a veteran office attendee due to cellphone violations, I knew that woman well. When a teenager receives a cellphone for the first time, it is indeed a dangerous affair. I think perhaps if we could sleep and text at the same time, we would. With our customized ring tones, “emojis”, and cramped thumb fingers after an hour of serious typing, it still remains without dispute that we waste a genuine amount of our lives staring at our much loved hand-held screens. We want to be socially connected, to take part in jokes and the latest gossip. After all it is high school, right? When my parents were kids, they had to pass notes in class and knock on each other’s door to find out whether or not someone was home. There was no PINGING, Snap Chatting, t... ... middle of paper ... ...big step would be to turn off the phone/iPod’s power all together and reviving it during breaks or afterschool. Certainly our involvement could create change. You’re best friend may not be so enthusiastic about the idea of not being able to instant message through math class, but I guarantee you will be when you make the change and see your mark presents grow higher. As teenagers we are old enough to know that it is our drive, our want, and our life that ultimately decides our happiness. We need to power down and keep electronics banned in schools. And sometimes-when its needed-appreciate what life was like before the electronic generation. As hard as it may be to miss knowing who’s going where, and saying what online, the fact of knowing that you control your devices, and they don’t control you, is very comforting. Seeing that this is what intelligent people do.
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