Power And Willpower: The Power Of Success

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All humans wish to achieve greatness in life. Greatness varies from person to person and the thought of how one will reach success is what sets us all apart. The person with the most drive and willpower has the best odds. To look past the inevitable hard work and to look at the possible result is what it will take to keep one on task. The people who look at and fear the labor and hardship are those who will fail. Success is never guaranteed to the hard worker, but failure always looms and drags down the weak-spirited. The only person to blame for one’s failure is him or herself. People must accept responsibility and initiative to seek out success and take control of their future. They must find their muse along with willpower to reach the places they want to see themselves. Love for their work will carry them on the good days; willpower will carry them through their work on the rough days. The willpower one possesses will prove to be the most valuable asset to reach any and all goals he or she has set.…show more content…
As described in Merriam-Webster dictionary willpower is the control exerted to do something or restrain impulses. With that said, willpower has different levels of hardiness. One with a greater power of will can say no to even the greatest temptations, and the one with less willpower will give in and eat the chocolate cake that does not follow his diet plan. However, willpower is more than the avoidance of temptation. It is described in the book Grit by Angela Duckworth as a persistent desire to do better (118). For us to do better and to achieve greater goals. People with a strong power of will live this hard-fought lifestyle because they wish to see a change in their current situation. Without willpower they would be stuck living a monotonous life and would not have the drive to make a difference in the world. They would not reach goals and would ultimately be
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