Power And Control Wheel Case Study

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The Duluth Model System incorporated a multi-disciplinary team of police officers, probation officers, prosecutors, and human services that undertook domestic abuse cases. It also put the responsibility on helping professionals such as social workers, psychologists, and doctors. Their job was to not only advocate for victims of abuse, but to respond to victims in a loving and non-biased manner. The primary objective to having a complete community response was to prevent victims from further abuse (Shephard & Pence, 1999). Moreover, judges were advised to prosecute victims more fairly by looking at their cases with a holistic approach.
According to the prosecuting domestic abuse cases in Duluth article, an essential component that must be
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The Power and Control Wheel was designed to explain a set of patterned behaviors perpetrators used to control their victims. It conceptualized that violence did not derive from a single incident/explosion, rather the violent behavior was a characteristic that was innate and/ or conditioned within the individual (Pence & Paymar, 1993). Furthermore; as depicted by the Power and Control diagram, perpetrators frequently displayed behaviors that included intimidation, using children, minimizing, denying, blaming, economic abuse, male privilege, and coercion and threats (Deb, Brisbane, 2012 or the national whatever). The Power and Control Wheel is now widely used by professionals throughout the…show more content…
They focused their attention on discovering the reasons for why men who abuse behave the way they do. The results indicated that it was mainly because of their male privilege. Ellen Pence speculated that “there are underlying beliefs about gender, as well as latent fears, that more broadly underlie one’s sense of who we are and how we behave. We see battering behavior as a logical outcome in a society that until recent years openly gave men entitlement to women’s servitude and authorized them to use violence in order to maintain their place of privilege…” (Gandolf, 2010, p 44). Therefore; through this awareness and understanding of the underlying source/sources for men’s behaviors, educational programs were set up to facilitate perpetrators in becoming self-aware, taking responsibility, and to changing their perspective on

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