Poverty in Egypt and South Africa

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When one hears the word Egypt the first thing that usually comes to mind is the Pyramids. But what does one think of when South Africa is mentioned? The first thing that comes to mind is poverty. Although both areas reside on the same continent, their individual aspects of political, economic and social development differ greatly. On a certain scale both countries are victims of poverty but South Africa is more exposed and not evolving as quickly as the other areas of the globe. Egypt is a place of tourist attraction and beauty but underneath the layer that visitors see, there is the heart of Egypt which involves little to educational opportunities, low GNI per capita, lower life expectancy and poverty. South Africa, on the other hand, has some aspects that are better than Egypt and others that are much worse. Although poverty has been a major notion to fix throughout the world through donations and different organization working toward eradicating poverty completely, there is still poverty found in every corner of the globe. One such belief that is used to presume why poverty exists greatly in certain areas is the type of governmental system used in said area. In Canada, democracy rules the country with equality and freedom, however, in Egypt and South Africa there are different methods of government. This paper will depict that both Egypt and South Africa rely on their type of political regime in order to determine their development rate. Perhaps this is what leads them to be less developed on a global scale, considering both are not in a basic political regime like most developed countries.
Egypt; the centre of the ancient world, the land of Cleopatra and the place where the citizens worshipped thousands of gods and goddess t...

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...ides the fact of poverty in the nation, Egypt also has had a few advances in this modern day. For example Egypt is the only country brokering Palestinian unity talks between Hamas and Fatah (The Guardian). Egypt’s free internet initiative provides all Egyptians with free access to the internet. Egypt is working towards protecting coral reefs that are located in the Red Sea and is also working towards promoting cleaner air and alternative sources of energy (GEF). Finally, education is free in Egypt all through university or post-secondary education of the individuals choosing (SIS). Although, Egypt has lowered in a sense of development compared to other parts of the world, on a humanitarian point of view, the nation is working towards becoming more developed as well as making the nation a better place to live through free education and becoming a more “green” state.
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