Poverty Vs Poverty

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The world is separated into many divisions but the main component that conflicts with the world is the issue with the economy, which leads to the division of class. Currency can affect weather the economy will thrive or be suppressed as the economy relies on the circulation of currency. Poverty affects the world and isn’t only secluded to under developed nations but is also a concern to developed nations. “…no matter how wealthy everyone is, there will always be poverty” (Sawhill). Although the United States produces more capita than any other industrialized nation it still suffers from unemployment, inflation, and other factors that lead to poverty. Poverty is inevitable and can happen to anyone, there is no possible way to eliminate poverty but there are ways to decrease the rate of poverty. The United States is strong nation but every nation has its difficulties. The pledge of allegiance states “…one nation under god, indivisible…” but in reality the United States is divided into many factions. Although the United States is a strong nation, during the 1970’s and 1980’s the United States suffered from economic problems that divided the nation into different classes.
The American dream was a goal that many citizens wanted to achieve but during the 1970’s and 1980’s it was a difficult task, as success didn’t come knocking at the door. During this time period many citizens lost faith in their government as they entered a recession after the Vietnam War. The economy failed to thrive and the unemployment rates increased over time leaving citizens unemployed. As unemployment increased the standard of living decreased, the nation was divided in to different classes the wealthy and the poor. The stock market was chaotic and caused peo...

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...ns went into poverty during that time period. Poverty is still a conflict that arises in each nation. In recent years the United States has taken action to decrease the rate of poverty by taking 3.5% of the United States gross domestic product, approximately $350 billion, and distributing the money to low-income families. Poverty rates fluctuate as immigration increases. The United States has taken action to maintain the poverty rates as the economy still lacks stability. Citizens who are considered to be in poverty live in better conditions than many other citizens who are not in poverty. During the 1970’s and 1980’s the economy was almost as bad as The Great Depression. The United States has recovered from many economic problems and has managed to thrive. Even though poverty consumes a great percentage of the world it is possible to reduce the rate of poverty.
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