Poverty, Obesity and Health

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Modern society is dealing with a health crisis that has been on the rise for years. Ongoing

research by the Center of Disease control and others is beginning to prove that

all over the United States obese individuals that

live in poverty are at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and other

health conditions. The relationship between obesity prevalence and

socioeconomic status measured as educational level or income. People

faced with poverty often feel helpless when left to deal with their health

problems. Children are being raised with poor diets, which become routine life

habits, because families struggle to afford healthy foods. With these health

concerns afflicting millions Nationwide, prevention, early detection, and

education programs are important to help explain to those in low socioeconomic

communities who are at a high risk for obesity and Cardiovascular disease. Living

in a low socioeconomic community can prevent safe exercise habits such as running,

walking and biking. For people living in poverty with little money they

typically depend on the government for money that can restrict what that person

can buy at the grocery store. People want more food for their money

cheap accessible foods that are high in fat and low in nutritional density. Poverty

people lack the environment and education needed to support

adequate health. Therefore, for those with little education and poor access to

healthy foods, exercise, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and weight can be

hard. Being overweight or having an unhealthy lifestyle is one of the most

common national risk factors for cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes and



study showed a correlation between two recent studies in...

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