Poverty In Willy Loman's The Deaths Of A Salesman

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Poverty is the main factor that stops people from doing what they wish they can do in life. This is when people don’t really know what to do to get out of poverty if they are poor. It is limiting the amount of things that people can get which includes anything out of their reach like an education, a school with with enough resources and good teachers, school supplies, etc. Without a proper education or with an income that can’t support people then they will be in poverty for the rest of their lives. For example, in the play, The Deaths of a Salesman the father, Willy Loman was a businessman even though it sounds like a good employment his family was still poor since his son would steal and didn’t focus much in his education. It was as if the son was being distracted by poverty and decided to ignore his education at some point in his life. Poverty is a regulation that is unavoidable by the people who fall into that category and makes people miserable because they can’t get what they need in order to succeed in life. Education is known to be the key to…show more content…
To begin with, “the great recession state school finance systems suffered an unprecedented reduction in general state aid, resulting in lower overall spending,” this would make the schools try to save money by doing budget cuts and getting rid of things that seem unimportant to the school. Students are being sent to schools based on their parents’ income “black or hispanic student attends a school where nearly two-thirds of their peers are low-income.” and “private schools continue to siphon off a significant share of children from higher income families.” Which comes to the conclusion if whether or not schools actually care about giving students equal opportunities for a proper education or if they only want students for their

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