Poverty In Montreal

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Montreal is one of the most touristic cities in the North America. In fact, this bilingual city has many professional teams, plenty of museum, festivals and with over 1 880 000 inhabitants. Montreal is the second largest city in Canada and the fifteenth largest in Canada. Unfortunately, Montreal has the highest rate of poverty in Canada. Why do specific areas of Montreal have higher incidence of poverty, substandard housing and poor health? The areas that are affected with the poverty are the ones that the inhabitants have an inadequate education and a low socio-economical status. By considering theses elements, poverty lead to substandard housing and poor health. I will begin with mentioning the specific areas that have the incidence of poverty. Secondly, I will go over the relationship of income with the level of education to finally elucidate the relationship between income, poverty and health. In order to understand the incidence of poverty, it is important to define what it is exactly? Many scholars tried to agree on one definition for this notion but there are different approaches for this concept. In fact, there are three approaches: absolute, relative and subjective. The absolute approach suggest that poverty is when you have less than what is defined as regular in the society. The relative approach proposes that poverty is when you have less than the others in the society. Finally, the subjective approach suggests that poverty is when you feel that you do not have enough to live. In this research paper, I will promote a relative approach because I will compare the income of the different neighborhood. By having the average income per inhabitants in Montreal, it is simple to understand that the neighborhoods with... ... middle of paper ... ...e du Canada (ASPC). Retrieved March 26, 2012, from http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/cphorsphc-respcacsp/index-eng.php Statistics Canada. 2007. Westmount, Quebec (Code2466032) (table). 2006 Community Profiles. 2006 Census. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 92-591-XWE. Ottawa. Released March 13, 2007.
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