Poverty In Hong Kong Case Study

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Shouldn’t we be helping and taking care of the obliterated elderlies? Poverty in Hong Kong is due to the lack of resource the poor have, not being able to live a good life in this cosmopolitan city. Nowadays, there are a lot of poor families or elderlies living in an extremely poor conditioned areas. Due to their lack of resource, they are forced without any solutions to live in places like cage homes, squatter settlements, and roof -top houses. Another reason why poverty is caused in Hong Kong is because the government doesn’t give attention to the poor. For example, families living in subdivided flats registered for public housing have waited for a very long time but still doesn’t get an official reply. One of the problems caused by poverty is 1 in 3 seniors struggle to meet their nutritional needs. The population of Hong Kong is approximately 7.155 million and 1 in 6 people is living in poverty which means around 1191666 people are living in poverty. Senior Citizen Home Safety Association helps the elderlies to live a quality life of their own choice in the community.

Wealth disparity is the condition of fact being unequal, the difference between people regarding age, degree or rank. In Hong Kong, wealth disparity is caused by the enormous gap of poverty and wealth. The comparison of the two well reflects the lives of the well known developed city - Hong Kong. People living in poverty or the working poor suffer from the lack of nutritional needs, resources and the poor conditioned shelters. The elderlies spends $167 per month just to live in an 1.5 square meter cage. Their lack of money has already brought them into the fact that they are not able to afford for a better shelter and yet they still have to pay for others t...

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...ted elderlies living in poverty.

Wealth disparity is due to the enormous gap of poverty and wealth, there are wealthy families and yet there are also a lot of people suffering from the bad conditions of their living. The dangers of wealth disparity can be people living in poverty not able to live safely in their shelter and not meeting their nutritional needs daily. If in even serious situations, some people living in extreme poverty may not even be able to survive due to the lack of money, nutrition, good living conditions. Senior Citizen Home Safety Association is a charity to help the ignored or poor elderlies to ‘gain confidence in living life’ and to live a quality life.Can help filling in the tremendous gap of wealth and poverty by providing free services for the poor elderlies, helping and supporting elderlies by creating different technological tools.
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