Poverty In Edgar Allan Poe

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The last words of Edgar Allan Poe speak volumes on the kind of life he lived. “Sunday morning on October 7, 1849, Poe gasped, "Lord help my poor soul," as he passed away” (Loveday). This puts his life in perspective, which makes it hard to make any judgments on the life he led; it is questionable on what length a person can be criticized when it concerns struggling with problems out of one’s control. In addition to this, when someone is constantly being faced with life’s challenges, it is not uncommon for them to act disparate from how they truly feel; author Edgar Allan Poe was no different. “The wide divergence of contemporary judgments on the man seems almost to point to the coexistence of two persons in him,” (Cestre, et al). Edgar Allan Poe was a man of mystery, his personality and actions always varying from day to day in the sense of nobody truly knowing the author. The judgment and criticism on his life appear invalid due to the differing accounts of Edgar Allan Poe; it appears that he was a different man to…show more content…
Never knowing if the current job will be enough to provide the basic essentials of life can negatively affect a person, typically pushing them to the brink of depression. When poverty is a major factor in a person’s life, it is not uncommon for that person to struggle with their emotions; there is a constant anxiety and fear that they will not have what they need to survive in the world. This happened to Edgar Allan Poe, which influenced some of his writing. While there is no factual explanations of the piece, his poem titled “Alone” may have been influenced by his struggle with poverty. The specific poem describes the feeling of being isolated in his emotions and how he may have blamed his childhood for his struggle with poverty. It is possible that the sentiments Edgar Allan Poe felt when writing this poem are what influenced his struggle with
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