Poverty In Africa Essay

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Poverty is a serious problem that is affecting countries all over the world. The problem of poverty has been a major issue for over centuries. Mostly, every country has a certain amount of people suffering from poverty, although the number of people suffering varies per country. According to Paul Collier, a Professor of Economics and Public Policy the number of people living in absolute poverty has shown a major decline in some parts of the world; unlike Africa, a continent made up of 54 countries, and a population of about 1.2 billion people is still suffering from extreme poverty. The word poverty, does not have a single definition; the definition of poverty varies by culture, age, gender, social and economical factors. According to investopidia,…show more content…
While the lack of basic human necessities affects adults, it however affects the education, health, nutrition and protection of children more. The problem of extreme poverty in Africa has caused many children to be in terrible situations. Because of poverty, many children are exposed to conditions such as malnutrition, child labor, underweight, and diseases. According to UNICEF, “More than 30 per cent of children in developing countries – about 600 million – live on less than $1 a day. Every 3.6 seconds one person dies of starvation.…show more content…
They go to bed hungry. They starve to death. They drop out of school to fend for themselves. “Poverty in Africa is not caused by a single issue, the cause of poverty in Africa can be linked to several factors. According to Samson Eyituoyoa, a Peace and conflict student at the European Peace University, poverty in Africa is caused by "corruptions, unemployment, poor governance, poor economy, population growth, illiteracy, wars and conflicts." There are however two main factors that contribute greatly to the cause of poverty in Africa; corruptions, and wars. In terms of corruption, "Africa is widely considered among the worlds most corrupted places” as said by Stephanie Hanson, the author of the article Corruption in Africa. The continent of its self is not corrupt, but its leaders and people in higher positions are. Corruption occurs when the governments fails to use the money that is meant for the countries correctly, instead of building their countries, they save the money for their own personal usage. In relation to wars, Africa is known for wars, either a war caused by the people rebelling against the governments, or war caused by one country fighting another

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