Poverty Effect Education

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Lack of time due to the conflicts that must be faced can prohibit ones full potential of reaching their dreams in the future, consequently this is the circumstance that both students and communities in poverty have to face. Why do they have to face this? Is it right for young children to work when they should be focus on studying? It is not fair, yet they have to do so in order to survive. Some of the hardship they must go through in order to get education, are the dwindling amount of resources that prohibits a student of reaching the required amount of academic studies. Having little as to no time to focus on school, caused by work or labor that must be done outside of school in order to live is a headache. The school, neighborhood, and even their lives at home are affecting the child’s ability of success in advancing with learning as well as social ability in school. It is devastating to know that they can not proceed into the future because of the fact that they are experiencing with hardships in contrast to wealthy families. Poverty affects student education in various ways adding an extra amount of stress, stress that some will never be able to fathom; that is something that no one wants to preserve in their mind.
Children that are in school that deal with low income have been stereotyped to be unqualified to get a proper education; are presumably unable to get the necessary tools that are needed to learn. For instance Ashly Garris said that, “poor children are automatically at a disadvantage when they enter schools because of this lack of resources” (Garris). Therefore it can be agreed that low-income students are unprepared to learn; falling behind from having insufficient supplies to study. Apart from that some people woul...

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...ducation supplemented by private art or music lessons after school or in the summer, as afforded the children in well-to-do families”(Ravitch 299). Accordingly the children have disparity from being in poverty where the well-to-do family’s child can be offered many privileges, it would be cogent for them to do so.
To conclude, students in poverty are affected by their learning, experiences, and comprehension to learn due to the conflict of having insufficient money, therefore will have to help their family pay for expenses. Would you stand aside if you know a friend that is dealing with poverty and do nothing about it? It can be said that poverty can lead to lots of misery and a worse environment to live in. Putting a stop to poverty will lead to a great effect for children learning, one step forward of getting rid of the crisis with education and a brighter future.
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