Poverty Doesn't Discrimminate by Age, Gender or Race

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When you have nothing but the sounds of acid eating the inner lining of your stomach and you open your refrigerator five times hoping to see food, but in its place sits nothing but an empty carton of eggs. When in the height of winter, your natural gas and electricity shut-off due to nonpayment and you have nothing but a poorly insulated window in the corner of your room to seek warmth in. When your faucet runs dry such that your only source of water is the salty tears that drip down your face. When you have cried so much that your heart withers into a deep abysmal state of depression and you question whether there is a living and loving God. When those around you seclude you based on your appearance and judge you based on your struggles and not your character. This is poverty: and poverty does not discriminate based on age, race, or gender. Growing up, my family has always struggled to make ends meet. With a neglecting father and a mother working endlessly between multiple jobs, we often had to go without some necessities. Nevertheless, we never lost hope. Although at the rightful age of twenty, some conditions have barely improved. My mother is still working multiple jobs, but we are able to assist her with bills because we are older. Therefore the issue of poverty in the United States rings close to my heart because I have empathy for those who are suffering. Furthermore, I find it insulting when people suggest that families living in poverty are impoverished due to laziness or drug abuse. In reality families living in poverty are some of the hardest working people you will ever meet. Society must understand that the majority of impoverished families cannot afford the resources that would grant them better income mobility such... ... middle of paper ... ...hed or nearly impoverished. Therefore, with all politics aside, poverty is a major issue in the United States. Although alleviating the affects of poverty around the world is important, how can we accomplish such a goal on a global scale if we struggle to handle it on a national scale? This essay is not meant to criticize our treatment of poverty as a nation, but rather to illuminate different aspects of the issue. Although The United States is one of the best in constructing social services for the poor, there are multiple policies and services we can improve. Nonetheless, such policies can better address issues like criminality, economic strain, and annual deaths all caused as a result of poverty. As a humanitarian, musician Michael Jackson once sang, “we are the world and we are the children,” therefore, as one; we must help one another to make a better tomorrow.

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