Poverty And Poverty In Nursing

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Role of Nursing within Families Experiencing Poverty People undergo different circumstances that require coping with situations, either alone, or socially. Many families experience poverty and have inadequate food, money, or necessities. Long-term poverty has several impacts on the family’s function, development, social support, and successful outcomes. This issue causes high levels of stress, depression, and inadequate nutrition, increasing one’s risk of developing health problems. Rates of poverty fluctuates depending on the family structure, their values, and economic choices. This paper explores how poverty affects Canadian families, the relevance of poverty to family nursing and the challenges that nurses face when providing care…show more content…
After educating parents about the several aspects of the effects of poverty, giving suggestions and advocating for them, the public health nurse can evaluate the outcomes based on the current advances within the family’s life. This is evidently shown when re-assessing their physical, mental and social well-being. Furthermore, a method of evaluation consists of a questionnaire that assesses the patient’s “understanding of the financial pressures, difficult choices faced by individuals with few resources, challenges in improving situation, emotional stresses, and impact of the social service system among individuals living in poverty” (Yang, Woomer, Agbemenu, & Williams, 2014). This article negotiates about the importance of educating the parents, and evaluating their comprehension in order to implement alternate advanced strategies. A challenge that may arise is the inability to attain results regarding the family’s progression. Often, it is difficult to question the family’s choices, considering that each member has specific reasoning for their decisions based on their personal values and understanding; nurses must respect that. The crucial role of nursing in Canada requires therapeutic health care providers to discern the patient’s choice, considering they have the right to control their health development. Although, nurses may have an influence on helping patients establish decisions, however, they can not make the choices for
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