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When one hears poverty they think of having no money or a house and being on the streets like a homeless person. That is in fact true but, poverty is more than that it is more widespread across income levels. Not just those at the absolute bottom of income earned and wages. 12% of Americans are unable to meet their basic needs 20% being 18 years or younger (mit.edu). Poverty does not just affect people on the individual level it also can have effects on communities as a whole.
Poverty is also a contributor to crime, a whole other issue that has some correlation with each other. Americans below the poverty are more than likely to turn to crime, to make ends meet or provide for their families. More than any other income level, this could also be linked to class inequality here in America. Poverty is a major issue that scope covers the entire nation and trending upwards as more and more Americans are falling under the poverty line (Kendall).
In 1964 President Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty, which led to the poverty line which we used today that was developed by Mollie Orshansky. The majority of those in poverty are women and children they account for 35% of the poor population. In terms of race and ethnicity African Americans Native Americans and Latinos are consistently at the top of lists of those in poverty. America is a high income nation but has the highest poverty rate of any country that is advanced as this country is.
Poverty has many negative connotations that come with it. Poor, unhealthy, uneducated, crime. These words can be used justifiably with poverty because they are indeed consequences of poverty. One of the consequences of being in poverty of course is being poor as I said before but the other one here...

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...ive would say that the poor serve a purpose being poor, that they must fulfill that role. Particularly because the poor are typically unskilled workers that are valued less and often less educated than the other income level groups.
What I see in the future for this problem is that the fluctuating trend will continue it’ll rise and it will fall depending on the many outside factors. I do not think poverty is something that can be predicted and prevented, it is unpredictable because there are too many moving parts. I am not surprised by poverty now that I analyzed this I still feel the same poverty is something that cannot be solved. I agree with the functionalist perspective I believe it serves a purpose, in its own ways. The best solution I think is making more jobs it did some good before maybe if we continue to make more jobs the problem will keep lessening.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that poverty is more widespread across income levels, not just those at the absolute bottom of income earned and wages.
  • Explains that poverty is also a contributor to crime, which has some correlation with each other. americans below the poverty line are more likely to turn to crimes, to make ends meet or provide for their families.
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