Poverty And Poverty

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Poverty has been rapidly increasing all over the world and it is a problem that is not being fought against. Many individuals have stated that the reason for this mass poverty increase is because of the refugee crisis and the social inequalities in the countries. Social inequality plays a huge part in the poverty issue that exists today. Capitalism is one of the reasons why there is a huge imbalance in the social equality. In the article, it states that even with such high poverty rates many countries are currently trying to resolve this issue. I believe this article is directed towards the wealthier and more fortunate countries such as the UK where the article was originated from. However, this article can also be directed towards the developing…show more content…
One thing that the article mentions is how moving goods from countries is one of the problems that is creating the poverty another is the huge migration that has been going on. “It is the gap between rich and poor within developed countries that has helped foster a deep suspicion, not just of unlimited migration, but of free movement of capital and goods as well.” (Elliot). This shows that the author expects the audience to know and understand the basic knowledge of globalization and capitalism. The audiences are knowledge about these systems because the systems are either harming them or giving them profit. Making them understand the effects of capitalism and migration in certain countries. Personally, I know that immigration is a key portion of social inequality because in many cases immigrants make up a huge part of the citizens in poverty. Capitalism is also one of the main reasons why there is poverty because with capitalism only the wealthy are receiving money and the poor are the only ones working, but not earning. In the article, it also mentions how globalization and capitalism are both linked together. “The benefits of globalization have been unfairly skewed towards a privileged elite, a trend that leads to lower global growth…”. I think that globalization is a major reason why poverty is becoming such a major issue in today’s society. I know from fact that globalization and…show more content…
The article mentions the areas where poverty can be fixed. “Oxfam says action is needed in three key areas: fair tax rules that ensure that all players—including the rich and multinational companies—pay their fair share; the investment of the missing tax billions in better public services; and secure, well paid jobs for men and women that allow them to work their way out of poverty.” (Elliot) This shows the needs of the audiences being that there is a solution to poverty and it can be fought against. The audiences from both the wealthy country and developing countries need a solution for poverty and the article gives them various answers to fighting poverty. My thoughts towards this is that there should be more fair taxes that don’t only benefit the wealthy, but also the poor. I also believe that wages should be raised and I believe that this directly ties in with the wealthy. I think that if the wealthy were to raise their wages it would drastically decrease the poverty
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