Poverty : A Long Lasting Effects On Children

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Children who have been exposed to a bitter, poverty-stricken environment can become stuck in the same rut as the generations preceding them, and will have to work twice as hard to receive the same benefits, attention, and respect from colleges, businesses, and the community unlike those who are in a middle class family who is more favored my society. Growing up in poverty is very difficult for anyone to do, but for children being raised in such conditions, it can be something that the child may never overcome in their lifetime. Children who are being forced to watch their parents, and in way too many cases only one parent, struggle to provide for them tends to have long lasting effects on them. No child should ever have to wonder where the next meal is coming from, or how their parents are going to pay bills. Constantly stressing over how their necessities will continue to be met is difficult enough for adults, but it is especially burdensome for a child. Needless to say, where a child comes from has a great deal to do with the opportunities that the child might be able to access. Living in a poor environment has its disadvantages, like the items that can be purchased, but what is extremely disappointing, is to realize that those with higher incomes majority of the times, are given better opportunities than the people who earn less money. For instance, if a person grew up in an exceptional neighborhood, attended private school, and have well-off parents, the chances of that student being able to attend an ivy-league college would be exceedingly high compared to someone who was raised in a more urban community, attending public schools, and who have parents without an abundance of money. Unfortunately, growing up in a poor neighbo... ... middle of paper ... ...cted on them. This causes a drop in self-esteem and self-worth. When a person tears down a child and their academic achievements, it only allows the cycle to continue. Instead of making fun or discouraging the kids who are going about life the right way, they should be praised. Likewise, instead of praising the jackasses who only cause mischief and damage to the community, start leading them down the right path of education and civility. A major problem that accrues from being poor is the unreasonable amount of kids who are being forced to drop out of school and work in order to take care of the excessive pile of bills. As has been stated before, being raised in a harsh environment such as the ‘hood is hard, especially the education standpoint of things. Negative influences from you home and environment, makes it difficult to go about handling school the correct way.
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