Potential Limits to Corporate Power in America

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The purpose of the textbook, Who Rules America? by G. William Domhoff, is to explain his theory of Class Domination. My essay emphasises the relation of social class to power, the existence of a Corporate community, the relationship of the Corporate community to the upper class, and various methods used by the Corporate community to dominate the U.S Political System. Furthermore, my essay will discuss the potential limits to corporate power in America.

The realtion of social class to power, is a belief about equality of opportunity that seems to be ignore by former upper social mobility. According to Domhoff's statement about the relation of social class to power, "No group or class had power in America, but only influence". In other words, the upper class are more noticeable and accesible because they share a commmon viewpoint on issues on important new foreign and domestic policies. This leads to the corporate rich who developed to institute the policies they favor like, the Collective power that pursue common goals in community or nation and Distributive power that is the ability of a group or social class within a community or nation to be successful in conflict on issues of concern to it. Social class is mainly based on income, occupation, and education. For example,the educational system of the upper class is different from the majority of public schools the population attend to, because the upper class "receives a distinctive education to prepare them for future leaders of America" (pg 46). This shows how the upper class have more advantage over any other class because they have more opportunities to study in these schools to become part of governmental leaders. Members of the upper class have power based on their wealth.

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...s these corporate leaders have. The corporate community had no part in the conflict of government policies or major policy changes but on their behalf decide to affiliate spendings in the economy in times of disruption.

My essay analyzed Domhoff's theory of class domination by discussing the relation of social class to power and the existence of a corporate community. Also, it interpret the relationship of the corporate community to the upper class and the different methods used by the corporate community to dominate the U.S political system. Lastly, it explained the potential limits to corporate power in America. Overall, according to Domhoff, Domination means that the command of a group or class to establish the organization, rules, and customs.

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