Potato History

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The great potato famine was a period of great starvation, disease and emigration in Ireland between 1845 and 1852 which made the Irish population dropped my 25 percent. The potato famine started in September 1845. It was so bad it killed over millions of men children and women... The leaves on potato plants turned black and curled and then rotted and there was a fog over the fields a crossed Ireland. This fungus named “phytophthora infestans” caused the potato leaves to turn black and curl up. In this paper I will be talking about the history of the potato, the migration of the potato blight, land consolidation, agriculture laws in Ireland, and food exports in Ireland during the time of the famine, potato dependency, and the Irish/England relationship at the time, Ireland History, and then I will be wrapping it up with my conclusion. First I’m going be talking about the history of the potato.
In this paragraph I will be talking about the history of the potato. The potato comes from the Andes, where they can grow in one single field they can grow 40 potato. The potato was introduced to England in 1565. Sir Walter Raleigh planted potatoes the first time in Ireland around the 1580s. Potatoes are the main nutrient source and support of life, and without it, hundreds of people will die. And the cause of the diseases a lot of people died. At first Ireland used the Potato as a back-up grain. Observers reported seeing children crying with pain and looking like they haven’t eaten in forever that made them look like skeletons. A lot of bodies were buried without coffins, and were buried with a few inches below the soil. Over the next ten years a lot of people died about 750,000. More than a million Irish people died about 1 every nine d...

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...nd London during 1847. Now I will be talking about Irelands History.

I will start beginning talking about Irelands History. Ireland's population growth in the first half of the Nineteenth Century had been great. Until The Great Potato Famine. The Great Potato Famine was most disaster in Ireland History.

In the spring of 1847 the British helped out Irish and had soup kitchens for the people that didn’t have any food.
Conclusion! During the great potato famine over two million people died. One million died because of starve starvation. And the others died from diseases associated with the famine. After the famine the people hunger suffered for years after. Now that I told you everything in the paper I will talk a little bit about them to finish my essay. The History of the Potato, The potato is the most important thing In Ireland and without it people will die.
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