Postpartum Depression

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“Postpartum depression (PPD) is a major form of depression and is less common than postpartum blues. PPD includes all the symptoms of depression but occurs only following childbirth.” stated by William Beardslee, MD is the Academic Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Children’s Hospital in Boston and Gardner Monks Professor of Child Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.
After reviewing and seeing what many mothers and young teenage mothers go through on what seems like an everyday basis one starts to wonder what really goes on behind closed doors with these mothers. What are they really like when its just them and their baby? How do they act around certain people (family, friends, and neighbors)? What has pregancy been like for them? What is it like knowing they have no more freedom but more responsibility on their hands?
What are they really feeling on the inside and not what they are portraying on the outside? These and so many more questions go through the mind of individuals when they see these women and their children. What is it like to be a mom? How have you to change your life to fit the needs of your child? One can only hope to get a true response from these mothers.
It makes you think more and what you say or how you act around them. You could easily offend these mothers and mother’s to be. We don't know what it is really like to be in their shoes and face the daily challenges ahead of them. They may look strong on the outside and put on a brave front for everyone to see, but how are they actually feeling on the inside? How many suicide attempts have the had since giving birth?
Have the thought nasty and harmful thing toward the child? We don’t really know till we ask and actually get to the bottom of it. ...

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