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Postal inspector career A postal inspector career is a very challenging career that involves ensuring the safety of postal facilities, employees and mail. A postal inspector is the person entrusted with this noble duty of ensuring the safety of postal services. A postal inspector is supposed to carry a fire arm, make arrests, provide testimonials, serve subpoenas, execute search warrants, prepare comprehensive reports, pursue and restrain suspects and protect oneself and others from imminent danger. He or she is responsible for ensuring the safety of all postal employees. They are charged with the responsibility of carrying thorough investigations to any assaults or threats that may be directed at postal employees as they perform their duties. A postal inspector is also supposed to ensure that mails are secure. They ensure that bombs and other dangerous chemicals are not send in the form of mails as this could have severe impact on the postal customers, employees and operations. They also ensure that prohibited mails such as narcotics, child pornography are not sent through the postal services by initiating investigations related to transporting and distributing of such materials. They also ensure that customer mails are not maliciously destructed, deserted, obstructed or deliberately delayed by maintaining and implementing mail security processes. This ensures that customers receive their mails on time, intact and free from outside interference. Another duty of a postal inspector is to ensure that the postal facilities are safe. They ensure that the postal premises are free from any burglaries that may occur. They are charged with the duty of minimizing looses through the use of security equipments and structure designs to apprehend criminals that may engage in such crimes. Child exploitation is another serious crime that is highly propagated through the mailing system. Postal inspectors are therefore charged with the duty of preventing the production and distribution of child pornography and other crimes exploiting children through the mail. Postal inspectors also ensure that postage stamps, postal money orders and other postage stamp products are not counterfeited, forged or altered in any way in order to preserve public confidence in the mailing system. They ensure that individuals who engage in such crimes are pursued and apprehended and also train postal employees to recognize such bogus materials. Another important duty of the postal inspectors is to enforce laws that prohibit mails that contain threats, extortion and blackmail. They also ensure that electronic crimes such as fraud schemes and other crimes related to the misuse of the mail that occurs online.

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